Why become a partner of the FRQSC?

Our objective is to help potential partners – whether they be government departments, organizations or companies – to satisfy their research needs by connecting them with the best researchers in Québec.


Our experience has shown that there are a large number of skilled, qualified researchers within the social sciences, humanities, arts and literature research community who are interested in societal issues and are able to understand and respond in an innovative manner to different types of research needs.

If your company or organization identifies a research need, the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Société et culture (FRQSC) can:

Guide you

The FRQSC can help you to formulate your research needs into research questions and propose different funding scenarios to meet those needs, from targeted research projects to funding a research program on themes that are of strategic significance for Québec.

Relieve you of the burden of administrative red tape

By managing the major steps of the process, including organizing and administrating the funding competition, recruiting reviewers from the academic community, overseeing the review process, providing feedback to the researchers and announcing the results, we put all of our evaluation expertise at your disposal.

Follow up on the research

Follow-up meetings are held throughout the progress of the research, along with a final knowledge transfer activity. The frequency of these meetings is established with you and the selected researchers, according to your needs.

Do you have questions?

Katell Colin

Directrice des programmes et du développement des partenariats


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Nathalie Roy

Coordonnatrice au programme Actions concertées


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Marc Bélanger

Responsable de programmes


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