Centre d'études ethniques des universités montréalaises



Deirdre Meintel


Université de Montréal, Centre d'études ethniques
3744, rue Jean-Brillant, bureau 550
Montréal, Qc H3T 1P1
514 343-7244




The CEETUM's mandate is to: coordinate, develop and support the teaching, research and inter-university outreach activities of its members; coordinate, develop and support the relationships of its members with the community, in particular with those who are active in ethnic relations, immigration, diversity management, and in the fight against racism and discrimination; take part in efforts to develop and implement strategies for adapting to diversity within its member institutions.

Research Axes

  • Integration of Immigrant Minorities: Spatial Factors, Economy and Cohabitation
  • Education and Ethnic Relations
  • Languages, Identities and Intergroup Relations
  • Religious Pluralism: Social, Policy and Legal Issues

*The mission comes from the centre's website.

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Estelle Vendrame

Responsable de programmes et de la planification opérationnelle


418 643-7582, poste 3229