Relève étoile
May 2018

Jude Mary Cénat

Postdoctoral fellow in Sexology
Université du Québec à Montréal

Award-winning publication: Multiple Traumas and Resilience among Street Children in Haiti: Psychopathology of Survival

Published in: Child Abuse & Neglect



Jude Mary Cénat's paper is focused on the resilience and adaptation strategies of street children in Haiti to overcome multiple traumas. Despite their complex trauma experiences (abuse, emotional, physical and sexual violence) in their families and the street, the children have a low prevalence of post-traumatic stress and high level of resilience. Two illustrated socio-ecological models elucidate the traumas, as well as the resources, factors and strategies associated with the resilience process. Means of prevention, intervention and social and professional integration based on the children's actual needs and the principles of social justice are also set out.