Doing business here and elsewhere

One may do business in any country in the world, but one would not proceed in the same manner in the United Arab Emirates, Russia or Great Britain. The Groupe de recherche Local-Global de Montréal (Montreal Local-Global Research Group), directed by Mehdi Farashahi from Université Concordia, brings together more than 30 researchers from Canada and eleven North African, Middle-Eastern and European countries. These researchers are endeavouring to understand the dynamics between corporations and their local environment in developing or emerging economies. Their ultimate goal is the development of local and corporate strategies that favour long-term growth consistent with local tradition and cultural norms.

The researchers are active in four domains: management in emerging and developing countries, institutions and organizations, entrepreneurship and innovation, and commerce in emerging and developing economies. The research group recently published the book The Multinational Enterprise in Developing Countries – Local versus Global Logic, in addition to a special issue of the journal International Studies of Management and Organization entitled From Dilemma to Theory to Research Agenda – Doing Business in Developing and Transitional Countries.

The research group also organizes an annual one-day conference that provides a forum for discussion between Canadian multinational corporations and academics on themes such as globalization, entrepreneurship and innovation. These conferences have attracted several prestigious companies including Rio Tinto Alcan, Bombardier, Pirelli, CAE, Walter Group and Aéroports de Montréal.

The research group is also co-organizer of an international workshop entitled Actors and Agency – Corporate Innovation and Change in Diverse Institutional Settings which drew researchers from Oxford University, Tsing Hua National University, the University of South Carolina and Concordia University.


Groupe de recherche Local-Global de Montréal


Mehdi Farashahi, Université Concordia

Regular members

  • Taïeb Hafsi, HEC Montréal 
  • Alfred Jaeger, Université McGill 
  • Claude Marcotte, Université Concordia 
  • Rick Molz, Université Concordia