Étudiant-chercheur étoile February 2014

Nicholas Giguère, étudiant-chercheur étoile, FRQSC

Nicholas Giguère

PhD student in French studies
Université de Sherbrooke

Award-winnig publication: Le paratexte comme lieu de sociabilité : la collection "Les Poètes du Jour" (1963- 1975) des Éditions du Jour

Publihsed in: Québec Studies, 05, 17-32, 2013


"There has been little research on Les Poètes du Jour, a collection of Québec poetry published in the early 1960s. My work has demonstrated that the collection contributed to the renewal of Québec poetry in the 1960s and 1970s, launching the careers of renowned poets such as Claude Beausoleil, Roger Des Roches, Louis-Philippe Hébert and Carole Massé. My study sets out an exhaustive method that accounts for the texts, including an evaluation of the epigraphs, dedications, prefaces and other paratextual elements, and the different production contexts. Moreover, the research introduces new theoretical and methodological perspectives with regards to the study of collections, which are often explored from a strictly quantitative standpoint."

Nicholas Giguère's research highlights the contribution of the collection—which was previously overlooked in literary history—to the vitality of Québec poetry through the development of an analytical model that resituates the writers and their works among their contemporaries and reexamines the literary field of the time. Building on an analysis of the networks and paratext and the history of books and publishing, Giguère's approach makes it possible to consider the collection as more than a series of titles under a common.