Instruction, socialization, qualification: the triple challenge facing Quebec's schools

For many years, education reform has given rise to much controversy in Quebec. The research team Analyse des pratiques éducatives en contexte scolaire (Analysis of Education Practices in a School Context), directed by Philippe Maubant, is exploring the issue of the tension between instruction, socialization and qualification, based on the double analysis of elementary and secondary teaching reform and teacher education in Quebec. The team is associated with the Institut de recherche sur les pratiques éducatives at Université de Sherbrooke. 

Quebec's education system, like those of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development countries, is attempting to tailor its educational outcome to the requirements imposed by globalization. In addition to this primary aim, the Quebec government has other objectives in mind, in particular the reduction of school dropout rates, when implementing changes to its educational program. 

While the team's research program will highlight the areas of tension between the three missions of Quebec schools, i.e. instruction, socialization and qualification, its primary aim is to analyse the ways in which these three missions are understood, represented and perceived by the different actors concerned. The researchers structured this program along three precise research axes: knowledge, the process of professionalization and the relations between the various actors associated with the act of teaching. 

These three axes concern the different actors involved in the school system: teachers, students, teacher educators and those working on the periphery of the teaching environment. The team's research involves the observation of various groups of education professionals and should lead to a clear understanding of the manner in which the missions of socialization, instruction and qualification determine teaching practices. 

Four study days on this question were held in April and October 2010. A major colloquium will take place within the framework of the next ACFAS annual congress at Université de Sherbrooke in May 2011. The team will produce publications based on these activities in 2011.


Équipe de recherche Analyse des pratiques éducatives en contexte scolaire


Philippe Maubant, Université de Sherbrooke

Regular members

  • Colette Deaudelin, Université de Sherbrooke 
  • Julie Desjardins, Université de Sherbrooke 
  • Olivier Dezutter, Université de Sherbrooke 
  • France Lacourse, Université de Sherbrooke 
  • Johanne Lebrun, Université de Sherbrooke 
  • Annick Lenoir, Université de Sherbrooke 
  • Yves Lenoir, Université de Sherbrooke 
  • Marie-France Morin, Université de Sherbrooke 
  • Marilyn Jean Steinbach, Université de Sherbrooke 
  • Lynn Thomas, Université de Sherbrooke