Skill development in the teaching of science

Teaching is a complex task. Fostering learning requires dexterity and, above all, an excellent command of the scientific knowledge to be taught and the knowledge required for effective teaching. Teaching methods evolve through new understanding resulting from research and practice. The Centre de recherche sur l'enseignement et l'apprentissage des sciences (Research Centre on Teaching and Learning Science), directed by Abdelkrim Hasni from Université de Sherbrooke, therefore decided to develop a partnership with high school teachers from ten school boards and other members of the education community in various regions of Quebec. This research centre brings together researchers in the fields of education, science and engineering. Together, they take a close interest in the practices used in teaching science, mathematics and technology. 

This approach gives researchers direct access to valuable data for understanding the issues specific to the teaching and learning of science, mathematics and technology, in addition to developing an original research perspective and providing a better description of the training needs of school counsellors and students. As for teachers, they benefit from direct access to research results through numerous activities such as work-study days, experimentation with teaching-and-learning situations, analysis of recordings of classes, professional conferences, and the production and distribution of general-public documents. 

The results of this work have been disseminated in Quebec and abroad. The centre's publications include an upcoming book, Pratiques d'enseignement des sciences et technologies dans le contexte des réformes curriculaires : points de vue des enseignants, des formateurs et des chercheurs (Presses universitaires de Reims, France). In Canada, the work of the centre was the subject of a publication entitled Nouveaux enjeux de l'éducation scientifique et technologique : visées, contenus, compétences et pratiques (Presses de l'Université d'Ottawa).


Centre de recherche sur l'enseignement et l'apprentissage des sciences


Abdelkrim Hasni, Université de Sherbrooke

Regular members

  • Jean-Marc Drouet, Université de Sherbrooke 
  • Nancy Dumais, Université de Sherbrooke 
  • Dominique Lefebvre, Université de Sherbrooke 
  • Patricia Marchand, Université de Sherbrooke 
  • Bernard Marcos, Université de Sherbrooke 
  • Claudine Mary, Université de Sherbrooke 
  • Marie-Pier Morin, Université de Sherbrooke 
  • Annie Savard, Université McGill 
  • Hassane Squalli, Université de Sherbrooke 
  • Laurent Theis, Université de Sherbrooke