Étudiant-chercheur étoile September 2014

Christian Morissette

Master's student in Communications
Université du Québec à Montréal

Award-winning publication: ENVOL / FLIGHT, film expérimental dans le cadre du Polynôme

Published inSociété des Arts Technologiques, 12 décembre 2013


"Most of the works presented at the Satosphere are driven by synthesized images. It would be interesting to pursue the experiments and attempt to develop a production in which the images are taken from actual footage. In addition, the use of classic film and its digital transformations combined with 360-degree images has the advantage of examining the history of filming, postproduction and projection mediums and exploring several aspects, including the position and experience of the spectator, the shape and space of the screen, the new potentiality of image vectors, the depth of the field, the taxonomy of the shots and the implications of an approach focused on real image capture within the dome."

The key outcome of the project is the merging of conventional films and immersive projections, which are generally developed exclusively by synthesized image creators. Future research could lead to the creation of real, sports-related worlds shot for mobility-impaired persons in hospitals to foster healing through athletic endeavours such as kayaking, rafting or climbing, for example. Christian Morissette confronts elements of early film with those of current film—two different types of images—in an effort to explore the limitations of the approach within the Satosphere, the very first immersive environment for artistic creations and projections on a 360-degree screen.