Quebec research team supports arbitration policy in Vietnam

The preferred private justice method of international trade, arbitration is an integral part of any environment favourable to trade and investment. L'équipe de recherche sur la justice privée (Private Justice Research Team) is studying the relationships between state control over commercial arbitration, the harmonization of this state control on an international level, and the development of transnational law through arbitration. The team is also striving to help states and other organizations to define the actions required in order to meet their objectives. 

Fabien Gélinas, the team's director, was invited to design and direct a workshop for the members of a parliamentary delegation in Vietnam. This workshop, to which several members of the research team also contributed, included an arbitration simulation and several sessions on demonstrations of public interest during arbitration sessions and different implementation methods for the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law Model Law on international commercial arbitration. 

Six months later, the Vietnamese Parliamentary Judicial Committee adopted several important changes to its Arbitration Bill, changes that were proposed by the President of the Committee with the assistance of the intervening experts in Vietnam and Canada. These changes brought the Bill much closer to meeting internationally recognized best practice standards, while ensuring the realization of Vietnam's own objectives. 

This is an exceptional contribution by a research team to the decision making process of a legislative body. This type of direct impact is in fact very rare in aid projects of this nature. In addition to enhancing the decision process in Vietnam, the research team enabled Quebec and Canada to consolidate their links with this country and to affirm their top-level international expertise in a leading-edge field of law.


Équipe de recherche sur la justice privée


Fabien Gélinas, Université McGill

Regular members

  • Frédéric Bachand, Université McGill 
  • Patrick Glenn, Université McGill 
  • Geneviève Saumier, Université McGill