Relève étoile Paul-Gérin-Lajoie 
September 2018

Anne Lafay

Postdoctoral fellow in Education
Concordia University

Award-winning publicationImpairment of Arabic-and Spoken-Number Processing in Children With Mathematical Learning Disability

Published in: Journal of Numerical Cognition



The research conducted by Anne Lafay aims to elucidate the root of the challenges faced by children with a specific learning disability in mathematics. She compared the performances of 24 Québec francophone children aged 8–9 years old diagnosed with a mathematical learning disability and 37 children able to execute tasks involving numbers in Arabic numeral form (e.g. 4) and spoken language (e.g. four). She found that when it came to recognizing and comparing the numbers and linking a number to a quantity, the children with a mathematical learning disability underperformed in all tasks as compared to their peers without a disability. The results will help develop new intervention methods for professionals, including teachers, resource teachers, speech-language pathologists and neuropsychologists, to help children with a learning disability in mathematics better recognize and understand the meaning of numbers.