New models for responsible management

At the global level, an increasing number of firms are calling themselves "responsible".

Corporate social responsibility involves a voluntary integration of social, environmental and economic aspects into a company's activities.

Pozzebon developed a model for integrating socio-environmental indicators.

Marlei Pozzebon, research professor with the Department of International Business at HEC Montréal, studied the ways in which firms use information and communication technologies to support their actions, decision making and business processes in relation to the principles of sustainable development and social responsibility. 

Through field work carried out in Brazil and Quebec, Pozzebon identified firms that excelled in this respect. She noticed that their strategies are based on the use of a "Business Intelligence" management system allowing information management and real-time monitoring of the company's social, environmental and financial performance.

As part of her research, Pozzebon developed a model for integrating socio-environmental indicators into a company's sustainable development strategy.

She also produced a management model that shows the importance of top management's commitment to sustainability principles and of the creation of a governance structure to oversee the "greening" process.

These new management models will be of use to firms and organizations in their efforts to become more socially responsible.