Étudiante-chercheure étoile November 2013

Catherine Huart

PhD student in Sociology
University du Québec à Montréal

Award-winning publication: La signification politique de la violence délictueuse. Le cas du Mexique sous Felipe Calderon

Published in: Éditions du CIDIHCA, Montréal, 2013


"Generally speaking, most of the discussions in the literature on the issue of violent offences in Mexico are analyses based on drug trafficking crime reports. In this book, I aim to demonstrate that since Felipe Calderón's presidency and the country's unprecedented militarization, the effects of the quantification of violence are chiefly driven by accounts of a war on organized delinquency to "save the nation". The strategies that underlie this type of discourse seek to confer legitimacy on military interventions by creating a sense of urgency and defining the enemy. In addition, I rely on discussions parallel to the government discourse to demonstrate that there is no consensus on the identification of the enemy and that the intimation of the violence constitutes a key political issue."

For several years, alongside the military interventions to curb drug trafficking, several social, political and community organizations have denounced a form of criminalization of the social protest movement and certain cults stemming from popular religiosity. Catherine Huart's work elucidates the discourse strategies to legitimize and validate the Mexican government's position. By setting out the ideologies that run throughout the discourse, it is possible to better determine the political effects that considerably impact citizen participation and religious diversity in Mexico.