Étudiante-chercheure étoile May 2012

Marie-Ève Lang

PhD student in Communication
Université Laval

Award-winning publication: L'agentivité sexuelle des adolescentes et des jeunes femmes : une définition

Published in: Recherches féministes, vol. 24, n°2, p. 189-209


"This publication proposes a definition for an emerging concept in social sciences: sexual agentivity. This term, rarely used in English and even more rarely in French, refers to the idea of controlling one's own sexuality, or the ability to take charge of one's own body and one's own sexuality. By means of a literature review, the article situates the concept in relation to other key concepts used in studies on youth sexuality and shows how it could contribute to advancing several debates on the subject."


Marie-Ève Lang's article is the first French-language synthesis of research into the recent and complex concept of sexual agentivity. Following a recent English tradition, the publication could well become a reference on the subject, particularly for research in French. This article arose out of a communication research project aimed at understanding how young women use the Internet to find answers to their questions about sexuality.


The student researcher's work could have repercussions on social discourse, the behaviour of adolescent girls and young women, and the recommendations issued by various political organizations, such as the Québec Council on the Status of Women.