Étudiante-chercheure étoile March 2015

Jessica Roda

Postdoctoral fellow in Urban Studies and Tourism
Université du Québec à Montréal

Award-winning publication: Jewish performance as a Means for Constructing the Society of "Living Together"

Published in: European Journal of Jewish Studies


"With music becoming increasingly politicized, I chose to focus my research on the representations of Jewish identities at world music festivals. My article innovates by mobilizing a unique corpus of Jewish music performances at world music festivals and contributes to the field in several ways, driving insight and learning on the role of festivals in the negotiation of identities on stage, informing knowledge on world music festivals and elucidating the ways in which political events and rhetoric shape the representations of ethnic and religious identities, including the Jewish identities. The article also seeks to renew the research on the staging of ethnic and religious identities by going beyond the critical analysis of economic issues and presenting political, social and cultural concerns."

Since undertaking ethnomusicology and anthropology studies in 2007, Jessica Rode has followed several artists at concerts in France and Spain. The benefits of her work are immediate since they are relevant to festival stakeholders and political and cultural communities and pertain to issues surrounding the staging of ethnic and religious identities. The article is also relevant to artists since it reveals their role in constructing the images of the identities featured on stage. In a long-term perspective, the research sounds a warning signal regarding the challenges of staging Jewish and Arab identities in the public space and the impacts of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by setting out means to pursue projects to foster living together.