Étudiante-chercheure étoile March 2014

Moire Stevenson, étudiant-chercheur étoile, FRQSC

Moire Stevenson

PhD student in Psychology
Université de Montréal

Award-winning publication: Pediatric palliative care in Canada and the United States: a qualitative metasummary of the needs of patients and families

Published in: Journal of Palliative Medicine via PubMed, 16(5), 566-577, 2013


"As qualitative research becomes increasingly common in health-related fields, convincing data on a given topic must be summarized clearly and coherently to improve clinical services. My study relies on the new meta-summary method to synthesize research into the pediatric palliative care needs of patients and their families by including the perspectives of different stakeholders (patients, family members, healthcare professionals) and experts in various fields (medicine, social work, psychology, nursing) to steer future policies and guidelines. My work also serves as a basis for new research by providing simple summaries and tables to better inform researchers and clinicians."

While hospitals seek to provide critically ill patients and their families with the best possible care, current practices are not always based on strong findings. By summarizing the qualitative research, Moire Stevenson synthesized recent findings in a manner applicable to clinical settings and validated the guidelines set out by the Canadian Paediatric Society and the American Institute of Medicine (IOM). Still, many parents stress that certain needs are not necessarily addressed in current guidelines and policies. The research therefore aims to make these needs known to pediatric palliative care professionals and the healthcare community.