Étudiante-chercheure étoile August 2016

Catherine Girardin

PhD student
Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense, Goethe University Frankfurt

Award-winning publication: Le « débat Lucullus » (1949-1952): Procès de l'esthétique brechtienne en RDA

Published in: La création artistique en Allemagne occupée (1945-1949), Delatour, France


Catherine Girardin's approach stems from theater studies and broaches philosophy and German studies. It is underpinned by the ambition to contribute to the decompartmentalization of academic specialities and cultural exclusivities. The text constitutes a channel through which The Trial of Lucullus shifts from being a secondary work to one of interest, and not in the German-speaking context but in the francophone one. The article is part of a broader aim to reflect on secondary works—which the academy has tended to occult—and seeks to renew the conventional discourse on the figures in the repertoire, such as Brecht. The central research issue is the intimate interaction between art and politics that characterizes the writing of the libretto and the debate it sparked and questions the ways in which politicians and artists produce, politicize and administer art.