Étudiante-chercheure étoile April 2016

Caroline Sarrazin

PhD student at the Research Chair in Water, Urban and Utility Governance
Université de Montréal

Award-winning publication: Role And Place Of Irrigation Ponds In A Context Of Change: A Case Study In Sunsari and Saptari Districts, The Eastern Tarai, Nepal

Published at: Small-scale Irrigation Systems: Challenges To Sustainable Livelihoods, actes de colloque, (02-2015), Kathmandu


In the Terai plains of Nepal, Caroline Sarrazin studied the evolving practices and uses in 100 pokhari—freshwater ponds—by three population groups: the Tharu, Madheshi and Pahadi. The upheaval that followed Nepal's opening and the end of a long civil war in 2006 had a major impact on the ways in which the Nepalese use and manage water resources, threatening availability and equitable access.

Caroline Sarrazin's research sparked discussions on the issues in over 60 villages. In many instances, the exchange of ideas led to the reestablishment of the dialogue between users of a same water system. In addition, a partnership was developed with Sabal Nepal, a local NGO, to launch a community project for the preservation of five ponds.