Étudiant-chercheur étoile October 2013

Guillaume Provencher

PhD student in Law
Université Laval

Award-winning publication: Droit et communication : Liaisons constatées

Published in: Éditions E.M.E. in Fernelmont-Bruxelles, 204 pages


"The study of law cannot and should not be limited to learning and knowing the laws. I had the opportunity to develop an original approach that merges law and communications, and my multidisciplinary method led me to set out a new concept of analysis in the humanities and social sciences: the concept juridicommunicationnel [legal communications concept]. This innovative, unique and audacious notion aims to highlight the mutual, interdependent relationship between law and communications, affirming the intrinsic solidarity between the two fields. The book fuels research on the legal phenomenon by presenting and endorsing a plea for a legal communications society."

Guillaume Provencher's work falls within the context of a philosophy of law-rooted approach. As such, it aims to support law practitioners (lawyers, judges, notaries) in their work by sparking a reflection on their methods, and eventually enable them to take a step back and question law and its practice. The book also constitutes a useful tool for individuals and institutions charged with interpreting the law and making law-related decisions, including the municipalities, schools and community centres faced with requests for reasonable accommodations. While it does not outline broad solutions, the research will inform the discussions and interpretations that guide decision-making processes and contribute, in its own way, to the quest for understanding of the law and collective knowledge.