Étudiant-chercheur étoile June 2012

Jocelyn Lachance

Postdoctoral researcher in Sociology

Award-winning publication: L'adolescence hypermoderne. Le nouveau rapport au temps des jeunes

Published in: Presses de l'Université Laval, November 2011


"This book shows how temporality has become a tool for autonomy among young people. In attempting to manage their own time, teenagers want to prove their independence while negotiating the time constraints imposed by adults. This results in new behaviours, reflecting new transitions into adulthood."


The study shows how the hypermodern context, strongly influenced by new technologies, is transforming the way young people socialize and demonstrates the importance of the temporal dimension in better understanding the issues concerning youth adaptation to the contemporary social context. Received with great interest by the scientific community and the media, this publication provides answers for parents of teenagers who want to know more about the use of imaging and communication technologies, and is contributing to the thinking within the social science community with regards to understanding youth behaviours in today's context.


In examining the meaning attributed by youth to their own behaviours, the student researcher provides food for thought in reconsidering both the social sciences approach to youth and youth intervention methods, and emphasizes the importance of the relationship to time in understanding contemporary youth behaviour.