Étudiant-chercheur étoile December 2013

Philippe Masson

Master's student in Social work
Université du Québec à Montréal

Award-winning publication: L'évaluation psychosociale: culture du positivisme et enjeux éthiques

Published in: Nouvelles pratiques sociales, 25(1), 224-242, 2012


"By synthesizing the definitions and categories of psychosocial assessment, I was able to determine the related issues and the ways in which they impact its implementation in daily practices. Some of these practices are entrenched in positivistic culture and thus give precedence to the analysis and knowledge of facts verified through experience at the expense of processes such as intuition and introspection. Such significant ideological bearing influences the theoretical orientation and ordinary actions of social workers. The article constitutes an in-depth discussion of the issues and impacts of theoretical and ideological positions in basic social work practice and explains how it can guide interventions and services."

Philippe Masson's work questions social work practices and the direction of social services in Québec by exploring different psychosocial assessment models through their roots in positivistic culture. More concretely, social workers will question how the theoretical and ideological focus of their everyday tools influences their relations with others. The discussion affirms the democratic renewal of psychosocial assessment and will perhaps challenge the means currently used to implement social services in Québec.