A look at contemporary French and Quebec literature

There has been an abundance of novels, folk tales and short stories written in Quebec and France during the past thirty years! These works form the corpus of the contemporary narrative literature that has caught the attention of the research team Poétiques et esthétiques du contemporain (Poetics and Aesthetics in Contemporary Literature). Their objective: to provide a better understanding of the aesthetics specific to the contemporary literature of these two countries. 

But take note: it is not simply a question of comparing two national literatures to determine their differences. On the contrary, this research team's approach emphasizes the notion of a "world literature", providing an understanding of the place held by Quebec and French literature in the universal library. A fundamental question lies at the heart of this quest for knowledge: does contemporary literature really present a set of common views and values? 

The research team, directed by Robert Dion from Université du Québec à Montréal, has published many papers, particularly in the journals Temps zéro, Voix et Images and @nalyses. One of these papers, entitled "Narrations contemporaines au Québec et en France : regards croisés" and published in Voix et Images, focuses on the connection between Quebec contemporary narrative literature and French literature. Two more papers can be found in the pages of Temps zéro, namely "Mise en œuvre de la relation biographique : frontières et médiations" and "La vraisemblance dans le roman contemporain : une nouvelle adhésion pour les héritiers du soupçon". Finally, an issue of @nalyses presents a paper put together by members of the team entitled "Le réel dans les fictions contemporaines". 

The research team also organized a workshop, Écrire au présent, during which students and researchers discussed French writer François Bon, an author with a strong interest in literary creation for and on the Internet whose work and artistic approach embody many of the fundamental issues of current literature.


Équipe de recherche Poétiques et esthétiques du contemporain


Robert Dion, Université du Québec à Montréal

Regular members

  • René Audet, Université Laval 
  • Frances Fortier, Université du Québec à Rimouski 
  • Marie-Pascale Huglo, Université de Montréal 
  • Andrée Mercier, Université Laval