The Fonds de recherche du Québec – Société et culture (FRQSC) assert the importance of upholding ethics and integrity in research, as a key factor in the development of knowledge and scientific innovation, central to research excellence. The FRQSC, thereby, require that research actors benefitting from FRQSC funding meet the highest scientific and ethics standards in research. The respect for ethics and integrity in research is primarily the responsibility of individuals, and can only be achieved through ethical reflection on best research practices. The FRQSC has thus chosen to work with Québec's research community in establishing standards for ethics in research which are consistent with the standards and guidelines developed at national and international levels. In this section, the FRQSC invites research actors to take part in the ongoing reflection on best research practices and presents the policies and normative documents applicable to the research activities funded by the Fonds.

In addition, the FRQSC hopes to rally the entire research community around the establishment of a culture of ethics in research that will go beyond compliance with the legal, ethical and administrative standards provided for FRQSC-funded research actors. With this goal in mind, the FRQSC is working to disseminate and promote the underlying values fundamental to research excellence that emanate from ethics in research. These values serve as guidelines for the integration of the principles of respect for all persons involved in research activities (both participants and research actors) and the principles of good management of public resources in the development of knowledge and scientific innovation. These values will evolve through the development of research in ethics and through ongoing reflection on the part of the FRQSC ethics and scientific integrity committee and Québec's research community as a whole.



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