Changes to program rules

The members of the board of directors approved a series of changes to the rules of the 2017–2018 awards and grants programs.

  • All the research-creation programs were revised: the program objectives and the definition of research-creation were adapted to better reflect current practices.
  • The Research scholarship in a practice environment and Financial assistance for internships programs were renamed Bourse pour stage en milieux de pratique (BSMP) and Bourse pour stage hors-Québec (BSHQ), respectively (English versions of the programs to come). The programs will be open twice a year (October 15 and April 15). Their format, period, target applicants and eligibility and assessment criteria were harmonized.
  • The Start-up program for new research-professors and the Start-up program for new researcher-creator professors were renamed Research support for new academics and Research-creation support for new academics, respectively. Their criteria were harmonized and simplified.
  • The evaluation criteria of the master and PhD awards programs were clarified. A 100-point system was developed and more emphasis was placed on research projects.
  • Points were added to each program to foster the development of knowledge mobilization activities, specifically for members of the public.

Changes to the Common general rules

At the meeting on June 22, the members of the board of directors adopted changes to the Common general rules. Among the modifications are the recasting of section 5 (awarding and conditions), clarifications to the citizenship and residence requirements (articles 4.3 to 4.5), complete revision of the articles on concurrent grants and parental and sick leaves (articles 6.12 to 6.14) and updates to section 8 on eligible and ineligible expenses and to the statuses (annexe 1).