Financial assistance for internships


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Deadline (application) :

January 15th, 2016, 4 PM


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Announcement of results :

March 2016


Program objectives

Contribute to the dynamism of the programs Québec universities offer by enabling scholarship holders to pursue their doctoral studies in Québec, while benefiting from a stay in a different research environment outside Québec.

  •   Encourage the mobility of doctoral level scholarship holders by giving them the opportunity to gain experience in an intellectually enriching, leading-edge scientific environment by allowing them to discover new perspectives in their chosen area of research and to develop new collaborative possibilities.
  •   Provide an added value to the doctoral training of the scholarship holder through mobility and international collaboration. The proposed internship must not be a determining requirement of the doctoral program, but rather an activity providing added value to the thesis and academic pathway of the scholarship holder.



Target group

Doctoral scholarship holders (B2) registered at a Québec university at the doctoral level who wish to undertake a research internship at a scientific institution outside Québec, can apply to the program for financial assistance for internships (Aide financière pour stage). Applications are assessed by a peer committee asked to estimate their scientific quality based on program criteria and rank all applications based on merit.


Application deadlines

There are three annual competitions. Application deadlines are January 15, May 15 and September 15 of each year. Applications must be sent by email no later than January 15, May 15 or September 15 to


Eligibility requirements


General rules

The proposed internship must take place during the period covered by the Fonds doctoral scholarship. Applicants who receive a regular scholarship (less than $25,000 per annum) from the SSHRC, NSERC or CIHR are also eligible for this program. Holders of a Canada Graduate Scholarships (CGS-doctoral awards) or Vanier Scholarships are not eligible for the internship financial assistance program.

The applicant must be enrolled at a Québec university in a doctoral program

The internship must be recognized and authorized by the doctoral program and by the director.


Applicants in their first year of doctoral studies must demonstrate that the subject they plan to investigate is properly identified, and that when they undertake the internship they will have completed all required coursework and their thesis project will be approved by the thesis committee.

Internships aimed solely at pursuing course work or seminars are not eligible. The candidate must clearly demonstrate the nature of the scientific activities in which he/she will participate and their contribution to widening his/her scientific experience and network.

An internship that is part of a graduate degree program (DEA) is not eligible.

Scholarship holders in one of the following programs are not eligible for the internship financial assistance program: Bourses en milieu de pratique or Bourse Frontenac.

See section 10.10 for rules governing stacking of scholarships specific to this programme.

Eligibility period of internship

For the January 15 competition, the internship must begin by the following December 30 at the latest. For the May 15 competition, the internship must begin by the following April 30 at the latest. For the September 15 competition, the internship must begin by the following August 30 at the latest.



Conditions of internship



During the internship, you must continue to be enrolled at your Québec University. You are also to be supervised by your research director or director of studies.

Location of internship

The internship indicated in the application must be conducted outside Québec. The internship cannot be carried out at the institution to which the research director or co-director belongs. The co-tutoring institution is not eligible.

Scientific supervision

Scientific supervision of the internship must be the responsibility of a researcher other than your research director or co-director. This researcher must belong to an institution or agency located outside Québec.

Number of internships allowed

Only one internship per scholarship can be funded during the duration of financial support. If your application is rejected, you may submit a new application to the next competition provided you continue to satisfy eligibility requirements and the conditions governing use of the scholarship.

Duration of internships

The internship must last at least three months. However, it may be extended to a maximum of twelve months, provided, in the opinion of the evaluation committees, your project justifies the extension. The internship may be carried out in separate segments, but only one return trip will be reimbursed.

Internships completed by the application deadline are not eligible.

No extension of the internship will be granted following the evaluation committee's decision.

If after receiving confirmation of financial assistance for an internship you are required to postpone the start date of your internship (by a few weeks), you must transmit a "Demande de modification" form to the Fonds. This request must meet the eligibility conditions and must not change the nature of the internship presented and evaluated in the initial application.



Application form and required documents


To complete your application, you must submit the following:

  •   A duly completed Application form ;
  •   An update of your file ("Demande de modification ou de mise à jour" form) if you are a federal government scholarship holder and if you have not informed the Fonds of the changes made to the research project;
  •   A letter of support from your director using the form for that purpose (see Application form );
  •   A letter of acceptance from your internship supervisor providing a detailed description of the scientific support provided. The letter can be written in French or in English;
  •   An up-to-date transcript of your doctoral program records;
  •   If your internship is at a corporation or a government institution and from which you are receiving material or financial support, please describe that support in detail.

Your complete application must be sent to the Fonds Société et Culture by e-mail no later than January 15, May 15 or September 15 to (sending date of e-mail will be considered as proof of transmission of application). Incomplete applications will not be sent to the evaluation committee.



Application assessment


Applications will be evaluated according to the following criteria and weighting scale:

Quality of the application (6 points):

  •   Advancement of studies since the beginning of the doctoral program (transcripts and progress reports, where applicable).

Relevance of the internship (8 points):

  •   Quality of the internship;
  •   Relevance of the research project submitted in the doctoral scholarship application with respect to the proposed internship;
  •   Added value of the internship;
  •   Recommendations from university authorities;
  •   The feasibility of the time frame, given the targeted objectives.

Appropriateness of the host location (6 points):

  •   The quality of the research environment;
  •   The relevance of the scientific support and supervision offered by the host institution.

Eligible applications are submitted to a multidisciplinary evaluation committee, which analyzes all applications received on a comparative basis using the evaluation criteria in force. It also recommends the funding period based on the proposed time frame and the objectives of the internship. Consequently, the recommended length of the internship may be less or more than the applicant requested.

The evaluation committee makes recommendations for each application received. Only the most deserving candidates receive funding.


Funding decisions notifications


For applications received by January 15, notices are sent in mid-March.

For applications received by May 15, notices are sent in early July.

For applications received by September 15, notices are sent in early November.

If your internship is recommended for funding, you must contact the consulate or embassy of the host country to enquire about visa requirements.



Description of financial assistance


In addition to the allowance for tuition fees, the maximum amount reimbursed for indexed living expenses and travel expenses is $20,000.

If the committee grants you an internship, you can claim the following expenditures, provided they are not reimbursed by any other organization.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees paid to your host institution will be reimbursed to a maximum of $4,000. When calculating the amount owed, the Fonds considers tuition fees only and does not include enrolment fees or membership fees for student associations, etc. You must submit official receipts.

Travel allowances

The cost of return economy-class travel by plane, train or bus to the location of your internship will be reimbursed upon presentation of a copy of your ticket (paper or e-ticket), along with a detailed invoice. Note that only return tickets indicating a city of departure on the outward leg identical to the city of arrival on the return will be considered for full reimbursement. In the case of one-way tickets, only one ticket, the most expensive one, is covered. Expenditures for travel to or from train or bus stations and airports are reimbursed on presentation of supporting documents.

If you travel by car, the amount payable is $0.43 per kilometre to a maximum equal to the price of return economy airline fare. Car expenses are payable upon presentation of two service station receipts, one issued at the start of the trip and the other at your destination, stating the kilometre reading on the odometer.

Only one return trip is payable even if your internship is carried out in separate segments. Only cost of a return trip to the site of the internship can be reimbursed. No additional amount to cover any other travel expenses is paid during the internship.

No additional amount is paid to cover other expenditures such as travel expenses for a spouse or dependants, moving personal effects or transporting research material.

Living expenses

A lump-sum allowance of $1,500 per month is granted for living expenses, indexed to the cost of living at the location of your internship. Payment is made upon receipt of an attestation from your internship supervisor specifying the start date and the completion date of the internship. The indexation of living expenses to cost of living may not, in any case, authorize a total reimbursement of living and travel expenses greater than the maximum of $20,000.




Rules governing stacking of scholarships

In addition to the rules governing stacking described in section 3.6 Stacking of Scholarships in the Scholarship Holder's Guide , if you receive financial support for an internship, you are not eligible for the Soutien aux cotutelles Québec-France program or other Government of Québec mobility programs during the same period. Students funded under the mobility support program (Ministère de l'Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport in collaboration with universities) can claim only the difference between the value of the mobility scholarship and funding received under the internship financial assistance program (Aide financière pour stage).


Internship report

When you receive financial support for your internship, you agree to produce and submit to the Service des bourses of the Fonds a two- or three-page report no later than one month after your return. The report should summarize the work done during the internship and outline the extent to which the objectives were achieved. The internship report must have been submitted before the final instalment of your scholarship.

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