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Every year, the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Société et culture (FRQSC) receives more than 2,500 Master's and doctoral research scholarship applications and postdoctoral fellowship applications. To be eligible, candidates must obtain two letters of recommendation to complete their application form. Furthermore, within the framework of the postdoctoral fellowship program, the candidate must be supported by one or two internship supervisors.

The person asked to supply a letter of recommendation or a letter of acceptance of postdoctoral fellowship training must use the E-form provided by the FRQSC for that purpose, available in his/her personal file on the FRQSC Website. It is the responsibility of the referee or fellowship internship supervisor to obtain a personal identification number (PIN) from the FRQSC if he/she does not already have one. Once the letter has been transmitted electronically, it will be automatically attached to the applicant's scholarship application.

It is essential to use the appropriate e-form for the type of letter required by the candidate.

Referee's Letter of recommendation – required for all Master's and doctoral research scholarship programs and postdoctoral fellowship programs.

Supervisor's letter of acceptance for the postdoctoral fellowship – required only for postdoctoral fellowship candidates.

Guidelines for completion of the application form are available in section 3 - Applications of the respective program rules.

Master's Research Scholarships
Doctoral Research Scholarships
Postdoctoral fellowship
Postdoctoral research-creation fellowship

The FRQSC would like to thank the members of the scientific community who support candidates with their scholarship applications.

Note: It is necessary to allow sufficient time to obtain a PIN.